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Minimizes stubborn wrinkles and deeper facial lines, fills lips, and volumizes cheeks.

As people age, a loss of subcutaneous fat results, causing muscles to become closer to the surface of our skin. Because of this, lines become more apparent. Dermal filler products are injected into the dermis to seamlessly correct the wrinkles, folds, lines of the face and skin, and enhance shallow areas by adding volume and contouring special features.

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Dermal fillers improve the appearance of static wrinkles which are lines that can be seen even without any movement of the face or facial expression which makes fillers ideal for recessed scars, all deep folds of the face, and hollows underneath the eyes or cheek bones by filling and softening the area. Fillers are also excellent for increasing fullness of the lips and reinstating richness to the face. Aesthetic results are seen immediately and may last up to 24 months depending on condition of skin, area treated, amount of product injected, and lifestyle factors such as smoking and sun exposure. Additional treatments may be required in 1-3 weeks after first injection for optimal results and to maximize the duration of the aesthetic effects. Contact us today to learn more.

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