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Permanently removes unwanted hair from head to toe. During procedure, bursts of chilled air is given as with the laser for maximum comfort. There is typically no downtime for laser hair removal, regardless of location.

Flawless Reflections Body and Skin Therapy

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At Flawless Reflections Body and Skin Therapy, we use the Quanta EVO light A Star Series with a built-in Zimmer Cryo 6 for our laser hair removal procedures. This state of the art and cutting-edge technology removes hair quickly, painlessly, and effectively for up to 90% reduction in hair on any part of the body. Our laser machine adjusts to individual parameters, making it effective for all skin types and ethnicities, unlike many other laser machines.

You get better results with fewer treatment sessions, but like other cosmetic procedures, additional treatments are recommended to achieve optimal results. It is strongly recommended to have repeated sessions every 4-6 weeks until desired effects have been reached. This schedule follows the hair’s natural growth pattern, allowing each treatment to effectively treat each phase of the hair follicle and prevent it from re-growing in the future.

With the built in Zimmer Cryo feature, treatments are virtually pain free even in the most sensitive areas. The use of Nitrous Oxide to provide maximum comfort is also available during this and any procedure.

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