Flawless Reflections Pricing
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Affordable Prices

Unparallelled Service

At Flawless Reflections, we’re dedicated to providing the best level of service at the best possible price. We’re inspired by our clients and we love to make them look and feel flawless!

Flawless Reflections is the premier medical spa in Mesa AZ. Our mission is to provide the most effective and least invasive aesthetic procedures and treatments in relaxed and comfortable environment, with an exceptional level of customer service.

Add-ons and Separates

Brow lamination $75
Brow or lip wax $20
Brow or lash tinting $15
Lash lift $50
Flawless Brow Package $100 (includes lamination, tinting, and wax)


Body Contouring

consultation recommended

Morpheus $$
Evolve $$
NuEra $


Botox/ Jeuveau/ Dysport




Juvéderm products $500-$800
Sculptra $1500 for 2 vials


Facials and Peels


BioRePeel $250-$1200
Hydrafacials $199-$350
Custom Facial $65
Seasonal Enzyme $65
Dermaplaning Facial $80
Anti-aging Facial $90
Deep Cleansing/ Acne Facial $90
Oxygen Facial $125
Mild- Moderate Peels $125
Moderate- Intense Peels $250


Skin Tag Removal $20-$100

Tattoo Removal

consultation recommended

IV/ IM Therapy

Normal Saline Hydration $100
Myers’ Cocktail $150
B12/ B12 MIC/ B Complex $15
Toradol, Zofran, or Glutathione $30
Vitamin C $50


Laser Hair Removal

bikini, chin, feet, hairline, hands, happy trail, lip, sideburns $160-$300 packages
brazilian/ manzilian, buttocks, face, neck, lower/upper arms, underarms $290-$525 packages
abdomen, chest, full arms, upper/lower back, upper/ lower legs $350- $625 packages
chest+abdomen, full back, full legs $500-$900 packages
Full body in 90min or less $1500- $2700 packages



$275-$1625 packages


Other Lasers call for pricing

photofacial/ IPL
nail fungus removal
laser facial
pigment removal
skin resurfacing
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